The uprising of the Cascavèu


The uprising of the Cascavèu

1630, a peasant revolt causes the fire of the castle of La Barben. Cardinal de Richelieu wants to take control of the taxes of Provence. The local population does not see it the same way. The anger of the people will provoke the hasty flight of the nobles from the castle. Will the army of the Prince of Condé succeed in crushing these rebels?

A stroll through the floors of the castle where sets, music and special effects make you experience this revolt as if you were there.


🎭 Immersive walkthrough

⏳ Duration : 20 minutes

🏠 Inside

☀ Show by day

♿ 🚫 Not accessible to people with reduced mobility (a dedicated area at the foot of the castle allows you to discover this show using virtual reality technology).

⚠ This show may impress children under 5 years of age

🎧 Audioguides available in English and German


spectacle background

Relive the darkest hours of the Barben castle

In the galleries and towers of La Barben castle, take part in the Cascavéu revolt. Rocher Mistral offers you a spectacular immersive experience. Go back to the 17th century and discover the most terrible episode in the history of this medieval castle. A unique visit to the heart of history and Provence.

A unique medieval castle tour

From the great halls of the medieval castle of La Barben to the underground passages nestled in the rock of the fortress, experience a castle visit like no other. Plunge into the 17th century and discover a historic monument whose architecture bears the imprint of the centuries right up to the present day.

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