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 Rocher Mistral

Napoleon: The Eagle and the Muse


Napoleon: The Eagle and the Muse

This is the great novelty of the 2023 season! An impressive sound and light show that immerses you into the Napoleonic epic. From the battlefields to the emperor’s private life, it is his favourite sister, Pauline, who knows the castle of La Barben well, having lived a forbidden love affair with Auguste de Forbin, who will take you by the hand and lead you to discover the incredible life of her brother.  

A show that comes to life at nightfall, at the foot of the castle, in the magnificent French gardens. A high quality production where the latest technology makes this great Sound and Light show an exceptional moment to share with your family!

🎭 Walktrough and Sound and Light show

⏳ Duration : 15+25 minutes

🌼 Outside

🧍‍♀️Stand up

☾ Night show

♿ With disabled access

 Porches  Porches
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