Grand bal dans les jardins à la française
Night show
Grand bal dans les jardins à la française
Night show

Fairyland in the Le Nôtre gardens


Night show
Fairyland in the Le Nôtre gardens

In the heart of the marvellous André Le Nôtre gardens, admire an enchanting ball where Muses and illustrious provençal families come back to life. A sumptuous evening show to behold the most fairylike evening at La Barben castle.

It is a place that awakens nature from its lethargy, a place shrouded in mystery, destined to be the scene of a bewitching spectacle. It is a garden, at the foot of a thousand-year-old castle, where boxwood alleys and flowerbeds sprout in the evening. This is where André Le Nôtre, the gardener of Versailles, inspired nature to create a new design, bathed in music and a thousand lights. The ancient Muses, the de Forbin family and the great houses of the south of France came back to life. It is there that, in the night, the renewal of nature and the gardens of the castle are celebrated.


🎭 Live show

⏳ Duration : 30 minutes

🌼 Outside

🧍‍♀️Stand up

☾ Night show

♿ With disabled access

Les Féeries des jardins Le Nôtre 2 (c)Rocher Mistral

A night show in honour of nature and the arts

On the occasion of an extraordinary night ball, at the foot of one of the most atypical monuments in Provence, take your place at the heart of a festival where the architectural and natural heritage of the south of France is celebrated. In a festival of music and light, let yourself be told about the magical night that saw the birth of the garden of the castle of La Barben. Thanks to state-of-the-art video and lighting technologies, Rocher Mistral plunges you into a real daydream, for one of the most enchanting castle and garden visits in Provence. A night-time show to be experienced with the whole family to plunge back into the splendour of 18th century France and into the history of a stronghold that became a palace and a place of pleasure and festivity.

Les Féeries des jardins Le Nôtre 4 (c)Rocher Mistral

The French garden, a unique treasure in Provence

In the 17th century, Louis de Forbin, Lieutenant General of the Armies of Louis XIV, asked André Le Nôtre, gardener of the Château de Versailles, to design a French garden at the foot of the Château de La Barben. At the same time, Louis de Forbin brought back a 35-metre high sequoia from the Americas. These gardens are said to be “the most beautiful in Provence”.

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