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  • Enfant 6-12 ans
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  • Enfants jusqu'à 5 ans
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    11 €
  • Enfants jusqu'à 5 ans
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  • Enfants jusqu'à 5 ans
Sur une base de
2 adultes et 2 enfants
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Accès illimité au parc
durant toute la saison 2022
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    59 €
  • Enfant 6-12 ans
    39 €

Rocher Mistral

The historical leisure park for the whole family !

In the heart of the thousand-year-old castle of La Barben, Rocher Mistral offers you unique travel into history through magnificent shows.

And in 2022, Rocher Mistral is increasing its offer for the entire family !

A new medieval show with stuntmen, a puppet theatre, a giant treasure hunt for the whole family and much more entertainment for children and parents will be available for this new season.

Ne ratez rien !

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A thousand-year-old castle restored for the next 150 years: Rocher Mistral takes up the challenge of restoring this essential heritage in Provence.


With original creations, Rocher Mistral tells the story of Provencal history and culture in a way that is unique in the world, to travel through time and Provence.


With its 400 hectares of scrubland, Rocher Mistral is developing an ambitious environmental and agroecological project to safeguard biodiversity and know-how.


Thanks to its magnificent Provençal market, Rocher Mistral is keen to promote and pass on Provençal crafts.

An ambitious project in an enchanting, thousand-year-old setting !

Nicolas de G., the

Very pleasant to walk around the castle. Sheltered from the wind and also protected from the sun on fine days.

Nicole G., the

Amazing place in the heart of Provence.

Christine L. de L., the

A magnificent and magical place full of history. A site in full evolution which will become a place impossible to circumvent of our beautiful Provence !!!!!

Olivier B., the

A fantastic place in an exceptional setting...

Andruet P., the