Rocher Mistral  Rocher Mistral
Le Barbe

Market stalls for food and drink

In addition to its restaurant dedicated to Alphonse Daudet, Rocher Mistral welcomes you to La Guinguette de Marius: savoury or sweet meals, aperitifs, enjoy a relaxing time with family or friends, around quality products and by the side of our petanque court.

Le Barbe

Fine grocery: all the local expertise on our market

At the Rocher Mistral market, you will find the tastes and aromas of Provence. With its scents of olive oil and orange blossom, all the Provençal specialities are offered to you on our refined food stalls.
Rocher Mistral works with local craftsmen and producers whose expertise has remained unchanged for years.

Rocher Mistral • Parc de loisirs unique en Provence

Cosmetics and well-being in the Rocher Mistral market

Nature in Provence offers many riches. For centuries, producers and craftsmen have worked to create quality products based on lavender, olive and orange blossom. At its traditional market, Rocher Mistral has brought together the best of local craftsmanship in cosmetics and well-being products. Genuine Marseille soap, essential oils, perfumery: take advantage of numerous organic products whose manufacturing secrets have been passed down from generation to generation.

Rocher Mistral

A place to relax and enjoy

When you arrive in the Provencal market, an old fashioned playground welcomes children and adults to relax and have fun.

On the carousel, children are under the responsibility of their parents.

Napoléon Rocher Mistral