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 Agence Evalys

Master Cornille’s secret


Master Cornille’s secret

No one brings wheat to Master Cornille, owner of an old mill, since a factory moved into the area. But things change abruptly when the inhabitants discover Master Cornille’s secret.

A mini play with a southern accent, full of humour and lightness.


🎭 Theatrical show

⏳ Duration: 15 minutes

🏠 Outdoor

☀ Daytime show

♿ Accessible to people with reduced mobility

spectacle background
Alphonse Daudet rencontre les jeunes filles provençale au pied du moulin de Fontvieille.
 Le secret de M. Cornille


Although born in Nîmes, Alphonse Daudet was successful and spent most of his career in Paris. However, he lived in Fontvieille for some time to work on a new book and came to the mill to find inspiration.

The show “Les lettres de mon moulin” presents an Alphonse Daudet who has just arrived in Provence and meets young Provencal girls. As he meets them, Alphonse Daudet will find inspiration in the stories he is told to write his Letters from my Windmill.

La troupe
 Le secret de M. Cornille


Since the creation of the park, the Rocher Mistral has honoured Provençal culture in all its facets: music, dance, costume, cuisine, language…

In June 2020, a partnership agreement was signed between the Rocher Mistral and the Félibrige and one of the first actions developed was the creation of a scientific committee which guarantees the authenticity of the representation of Provençal culture presented in the Rocher Mistral park.

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