Forbin, le chevalier de la Royale 1 (c)Rocher Mistral
Forbin, le chevalier de la Royale 1 (c)Rocher Mistral

Forbin and the Royal Navy


Forbin and the Royal Navy
Superbe boussole Claude

A strong head this Forbin: one day escaping from prison, the next day scuttling English ships and shortly afterwards in the service of the kingdom of Siam. Even as a young man, he escaped the cassock to join the Royal Navy of Louis XIV. Today, his story lives on in the bowels of his family’s castle.

He had the mood of a Forbin and the warm blood of the South, this child of Provence. In fact, Claude de Forbin was rarely seen in the country. He joined the Royal Navy at a very young age in the service of King Louis XIV, defying enemy ships, escaping from the dungeons of England and sailing to the kingdom of Siam. It was only 30 years later that he was seen returning to Provence: it is said that the entrails of the castle of La Barben still tell the story of his travels…


🎭 Immersive walkthrough

⏳ Duration : 20 minutes

🏠 Inside

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♿ 🚫 Not accessible to people with reduced mobility (a dedicated area at the foot of the castle allows you to discover this show using virtual reality technology).

⚠ This show may impress children under 5 years of age


Forbin, le chevalier de la Royale 2 (c)Rocher Mistral

Embark on a historic show at the edge of the oceans

Join the crew of the most daring of the Forbins. Alongside this daring adventurer, sail the seas and port cities, fight the English fleets and relive the story of an extraordinary man. In the heart of the castle of La Barben, Rocher Mistral offers you a breathtaking historical show to discover with your family. Relive the great episodes of the heroic life of this sailor whose imprint still marks the French navy. Forbin et la Marine Royale takes you on a unique journey to the borders of the history of France and Provence.

La Révolte des Cascavèu 3 (c)Rocher Mistral

A historical show with state-of-the-art technology

Thanks to cutting-edge technology and sumptuous settings, Rocher Mistral plunges you into an incredible maritime universe and an unprecedented immersive experience. From the port of Marseille to the dungeons of Plymouth, wander through a living, fully reconstructed world in the meandering castle of La Barben. Find yourself at the heart of a naval battle, disgusted by the sulphurous smell of the cannons or enter the bewitching kingdom of Siam.

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